Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ray, Indiana Ray, Indiana Ray, Indiana

Ray, Indiana, in northern Steuben County is directly on the Indiana-Michigan border.  This concrete marker is at the intersection of State Line Road and a railroad track.  My assumption is that the railroad placed the marker for its convenience.

An old service station with its rusting Wayne gas pumps, made in Fort Wayne, remains in Ray next to the railroad track.  The last time that station was open the price of gas was 32.9 cents per gallon - the price is still visible.

Some folks who view this blog know the McNaughton's from Fremont - I guess you could say that Ray is a suburb of Fremont.  The McNaughton forefathers settled in Steuben County in 1836, and here is a memorial of that fact on the barn on the old homestead.

In the area around Ray are some pastoral scenes that I could not pass up.  Ray will never be confused with Manhattan - at least not since the 1700s.

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